Teaisha is wonderful!I can’t thank her enough for being my coach during the last stage of my pregnancy and postpartum.
She is super thoughtful, caring, sweet, empathic and generous. Teaisha now is part of my family, because we have a great connection.
Now that my baby is here, Teaisha also has being caring for me and for him!
I just love her!


Teaisha was my Doula for my second baby. She is incredibly kind, professional and compassionate. She made me feel comfortable during my labor and supported me no matter what. I highly recommend her, she is absolutely amazing!


Teaisha supported me through my successful VBAC and I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to have had her support through the entire process. She brings a gentle, nurturing energy and sense of strength to the birthing room. She showed my husband how to do hip squeezes during my contractions (which was a lifesaver!) and made him feel even more involved and helpful as a birth partner. Plus, she endured my death grip like a trooper while I had to get stitches for a third degree tear (sorry Teaisha lol)! I believe she was truly an essential piece to achieving a successful and deeply healing VBAC birth.
Not only is she a true hard working professional and passionate about being a doula, she is down to earth, family-oriented, and a genuine, kind person. There are not enough people like Teaisha in this world.